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Әлихан Мусин атындағы Балқаш гуманитарлы-техникалық колледжі
Балхашский гуманитарно-технический колледж имени Алихана Мусина

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Посвящение в студент группы ИЯ-18-9

Dedication is an obligatory ceremony through which all freshmen pass and the most interesting part of student life.

From the first day of training, all freshmen were discussing with anticipation their predictions about how the dedication will take place. Reality surpassed expectation. Group PE-15 were the organizers of this event and everything went at the highest level.

On the morning of the thirteenth of October at 9:30 am the freshmen of Balkhash Humanitarian and Technical College named after A. Musin of eleven groups went to the beach. Including the group FL-18-9 under the guidance of their curator Zeken K.K. , they were extremely happy to participate in such an interesting event.

All the freshmen reached the beach together and already were in high spirits. Everything happened in sports form. Students were given sheets with the tasks and sent to different stations. Freshmen had the goal to complete as many tasks as possible and get the maximum number of points. Created conditions taught understanding, support, care and mutual assistance, without this it is impossible to successfully achieve the goal. All first-year students, who only recently began to study together showed a well-coordinated work. Smiles shone on everyone's faces, the guys talked, joked among themselves and learned a lot of new things about each other.

As soon as the stages were completed, all the teams gathered to announce the winner. All students were given cakes and student cards. Happy first-year students went to their classrooms to celebrate the dedication amongst their newly-made friends.

We all know that this dedication will long remain in their hearts of our students and they will remember this day with a smile on their face!

Зекен К.К. 


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